Use Excel Online for Free

One of the most popular practices for storing data and listing them correctly is certainly inserting them into so-called spreadsheets. There are so many applications or programs useful to the cause, and among these the most famous is undoubtedly Microsoft Excel; it is one of the favorite software of Microsoft’s Office suite dedicated to productivity, which over the years has invaded computers all over the world.

Use Excel Online for Free

Beyond the question of costs, downloading the entire fleet of applications can have a considerable weight for the storage of our devices, and it can also happen that you have to use it to read a spreadsheet on the fly or use it on a PC or Mac. which you do not have a license. So let’s see how we can do to use Excel directly online and for free.

Using Excel online for free: what to know

With a view to grabbing an increasingly large slice of users, Microsoft has aligned itself with Google as regards the supply of online services dedicated to productivity; and so, if Big G offers similar functionality through the use of Google Sheets, the company founded by Bill Gates has also launched an online platform dedicated to the most popular digital tools that can be used through Web Applications (as seen with Photoshop online ).
One of the most important is undoubtedly Excel online (as is Microsoft Word online and PowerPoint online) which, just like the competitor of Google, allows you to work on your documents directly online, for free and without downloading any program.

What is needed

All you will need is internet access (essential as the service only works online), and a Microsoft account (if you need to create a free Microsoft email account you can do it from here ); therefore you will not have to download any additional software or incur any costs.

These last two factors, therefore, represent the great advantages of using Excel online, but it is clear that there are also some limitations; first of all, as mentioned, it is essential to always be connected to the network, thus losing the possibility of working in dying moments of the day and in places where there is no internet access.

Furthermore, the use of this platform, although it generally offers an experience similar to that provided for the relative program, involves some small sacrifices, which can be found, for example, in not being able to protect your documents or save them with more particular extensions or formats. However, all that remains is to try before evaluating the purchase of premium features.

How to use Excel online for free

Having said that, it is time to explain how to use Excel online.
Assuming you already have a Microsoft account, all you have to do is connect to the online Excel site, log in if necessary, and start working as you wish.

Learn Free MS Excel Online

As previously said, net of some minor features, you can carry out all that series of operations that are also allowed within the program itself, which is inserted within the Office suite and which consequently requires a certain cost.

I remind you that alternatively, you can also try Google Sheets, whose operation is almost the same but which only requires a Google account; this is a variant to be considered if perhaps you do not have a Microsoft account or you need to keep everything synchronized on the Mountain View company account.

Difference between Microsoft Excel online and Google Sheets

As seen above, these are two programs to generate spreadsheets that can only be used online. The differences are minimal and negligible, even if it all depends on what you have to do. If you are used to using Microsoft Excel, it will also be easier for you to work on the online version because the commands and menu items are practically the same.

From my point of view, however, Google Sheets has an edge because it responds better on the browser I use (Google Chrome), slowdowns or problems related to opening files almost never occur. It also has better management of file backups and revisions.

My advice is to test them both and decide for yourself which spreadsheet program to rely on.

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