How to Setup Xbox Digitally on Phone

No one can dispute the fact that Xbox is nice for gaming. Irrespective of the amazing experience it gives, it is quite tiring when you try to update its firmware. One thing that is sure about this is that if you do not have in-depth knowledge about the digital application and how to integrate it with your Xbox’s setup, you may lose data. It is important to understand what means.

How to Setup XBOX Console with Mobile app

The Xbox application has so many functions. It enables you to control the Xbox console without using the controller. With the app, you can also make use of the keywords and navigate the console. The application helps you save time by making it easy to control the console without using the time-consuming controller.

What to do before Going ahead with Xbox One Setup?

Before you start setting up your Xbox One, be sure to meet given below prerequisites:

  • Unpack the Xbox One and all its accessories.
  • Find the Quick Setup Guide. Since you will have to use it.
  • Make sure of a fast and secure Internet connection available (wired or wireless). For moving with a wired connection, a network cable for connecting the console to the router is required.
  • Find the batteries for Xbox One controller.
  • A Microsoft account is required.
  • Make sure of good volume by connecting your speakers or the TV to the Xbox One.
  • If you meet all these prerequisites, then go ahead with the setup process.

How to Setup Xbox Digitally on Phone

From your Android or iOS mobile device, please follow these steps

Setup Xbox

  • First of all, visit, shown on the update screen, and please use your camera app to use the QR code.
  • On the Welcome to Xbox screen, please choose Tap to continue setup in the Xbox app.
  • Log in to the Xbox app, and please enter the code from the update screen.
  • Answer the on-screen questions until you complete the digital setup.
  • Go back to your console. After the system update ends, you will be advised to apply your settings from the Xbox app.
  • Please Select Yes to continue.

Benefits of Setting up and Synchronizing Your Xbox Application with the Console

The Xbox official application has lots of features that you can benefit from. For instance, you can use the application to connect with your colleague. You can also use it to track your games as well as acquire the necessary details. It also gives you access to various options such as purchasing games. In all, the Xbox app functions as a cloud system specifically made for your Xbox console, which easily connects with your mobile phone.

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