How to Record in Traktor

Traktor allows you to record your sessions in an audio file very easily. However, before continuing to check this Surveys Buzz, it is important to distinguish between recording internal audio and external audio. Internal audio is audio that originates from the software’s virtual mixer. If you don’t use any additional hardware, such as a physical mixer, and you always mix on the same PC, it is the audio you want to record: the signal that comes out from the virtual mixer.

Record With Traktor

External audio is that it comes from a source external to the computer, for example, an external mixer. In this mode of use, the mixer functions are performed by an external mixer, so the Traktor virtual mixer disappears. What is important here is to record the audio signal that comes out of the hardware mixer, and for that, you will need a sound card with at least one audio input and the cable that connects both things.

How to record the traktor session with the internal mixer

If you use Traktor’s internal mixer, all you have to do is click on the cassette tape-shaped icon in the upper right corner of the interface. That will make the recording section visible. Bear in mind that this button and therefore the section may not be visible in some types of view or with certain settings in the interface. Once this section is visible, you just have to click on the REC button to start recording the entire musical session.

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To stop recording, click on that same button. Another option is possible to use the CUT button to make a cut and start recording a new file automatically without stopping the music.

How to record the Traktor session with an external mixer

  • If you use an external mixer, things are somewhat more complex. First, open the Traktor settings by pressing the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  • Look in the menu on the left for the Input Routing option. In the Input FX Send (Ext) section, display the pop-up menus and select the corresponding channel of your audio card, the one through which the mixing desk sound will enter
  • Then move through the menu on the left again to go to Mix Recorder. In the Source section, select External. In the External Input section, select Input FX Send (Ext), the channel that we have configured for the audio to enter.
  • Now you just have to repeat the same steps of the internal recording, that is, open the recording section in the interface and check that the volumeters show enough signal. Take advantage of the Gain control to add more volume if necessary. Once you’re ready, one click on the red record button will be all you need to do to start recording. Press it again to stop it.
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